About Us

About Us

Pubs are meant to be places where anyone can stop in to have a bite and a pint. A regular pub is sought more for its liquid fare than its fine cuisine. However, a gastropub like ours ups the ante on the food side of things. We’re a friendly, unpretentious neighborhood pub that serves really good food.

“Farmers” is a tribute to the people who start the process, the individuals who toil to produce the finest and freshest food possible. Our goal is to forge a relationship with those farmers who are as passionate about quality food as we are. Our role is to bring the fruits of their labor to our tables, to be enjoyed by you.

We make all of our sauces and our house pickles from scratch.  We cut the chips (aka French fries), smoke the trout, and grow peppers, herbs, radishes & a variety of other fresh stuff right at the pub.

Why are we doing it? We want to bring you the best fresh, local products for several reasons. First, it tastes good. The fresher the food, the better it tastes. Secondly, it’s just the right thing to do. For our health, for our economy, for our neighbors and community this concept makes sense. We want to invest in resources as close to home as possible, showing those farmers we are as proud of what they do as they are.

We are eager to serve you the freshest and finest food in town, from local farms to our tables, welcome to Farmers Gastropub.