Our Commitment to Sustainability

Farmers Gastropub is built on the concept of sustainability. We are committed to doing right for the people of the Ozarks, and this great land we call home.  Here are just some of the ways that Farmers Gastropub puts this commitment into practice.


We recycle everything we can, including bottles, cans, paper and plastics. Our food waste is provided to a farmer and our used cooking oil gets picked up for fuel.

Buying Local

Anything we can buy local, we do. We know that buying local means that more dollars are kept in this community. We support local food groups and farmers markets in our community.

We hired many amazing local artisans, craftsmen and vendors to create our new “olde” English pub in the Brentwood Center.

Keeping It Green

We filter our own water instead of bringing in bottled water. Our to-go packaging is fully compostable.